Woaah .. test! Yeah. Longer title required

ok, let’s test some markdown:

  • one
  • two
  • three

alrighty. and some code … important, okay? :yum:

def foo(bar):
    return '{} baz'.format(bar)
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Ok, changed minimal title length to be 10 characters (instead of 15)

hi, is there a way you can set crossbar docs to some default markdown editor (like GFM) to help contributors more quickly do online browser-based edits, especially table-updates? I’m trying to update a docs table so other users know they can now set the useful httpOnly and secure attributes for cookies. Those features already ship with the latest crossbar version (I tested them and they work). Some say these extra cookie attributes are security theater for mitm and csrf but I think they do help. https://github.com/crossbario/crossbar/edit/master/docs/Cookie-Tracking.rst
but working with the raw page and trying to get all the pipes, hyphens and plus-signs to line up is taking me forever just to add one row, let alone the three rows I hoped to add. I know I can do it offline with a markdown editor, but I am trying to do edits when I am working remotely - when I notice gaps in the docs - and only have the browser option available.