Wamp dao [ot]

Hi all,

this is slightly OT, as it concerns WAMP in general and it’s future direction and the way forward (we have still to migrate the old WAMP Google Groups, hence I’m posting here …).

Let me just copy pasta from the intro of the respective issue WAMP DAO / way forward · Issue #387 · wamp-proto/wamp-proto · GitHub

Crossbar.io (the company) wants to hand over all IP (code, texts, web, …) and management / development / control to the WAMP community.

IOW: make WAMP a fully community owned effort.

For this, all IP should be transferred to and further management and development be done by the new WAMP DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organisation”)

We’ll be using the OpenZeppelin Governor framework for the DAO, avoid reinventing the wheel, and reusing a state-of-the-art codebase:

For legal reasons, in addition to the controlling DAO, we will establish a Swiss Association in Switzerland (Zug) for operational functions under control of / with the sole purpose of supporting the DAO.

If you are interested in this, please join the discussion on above issue or the first community call (see end of issue).