Subscribe and handle events of multiple topic in autobahn-java

I am trying to implement autobahn-java for pubsub where the android client will subscribe to multiple topics and handle all the events. First of all, tried to run the sample code provided autobahn-java readme file [], But I am not receiving any data in the onEvent method. After that, I tried:

ICounterSubscriber subscriber = new ICounterSubscriber() {
public void agentStatusEvent(List args, Map<String, Object> kwargs, EventDetails details) {“onEvent value=%s, %s”, kwargs.toString(), args.toString()));

    List<CompletableFuture<Subscription>> subFuture = session.getReflectionServices().registerSubscriber(subscriber);

    subFuture.forEach(subscriptionCompletableFuture -> {
        subscriptionCompletableFuture.whenComplete((subscription, throwable) -> {
            if(throwable == null){
                s = subscription;
      "Subscribed to topic: %s", subscription.topic));

this is not working either. also, I tried publishing messages not working.
I used this code to create the session []. Please help me fix this. any sample code demonstrating this would be great.