Sentry and graylog integration

Hi, i have django project that uses crossbar for websocket communication. I have problems to integrate this service with:

  1. sentry
    As workaround i created custom log observer, but exceptions are not passed so i can only log messages if “isError” is true in event dictionary.
  2. graylog
    I would like to use GelfTlsHandler from pygelf, but i don`t know how to add custom handler. I would like to avoid creating gelf objects from event dictionary, like in sentry.

Are there any “well known” solutions that i can use to solve my problems ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand the setup: you’re running Django (server 1) and (server 2). Which of those do you refer to as “the service”? As in “I have problems to integrate this service with:” …