Running autobahn-testsuite to validate remote server

I am struggling with how to run the Dockerized version of the autobahn-testsuite against a remote server and would appreciate some assistance.

Using Python 2 on Windows 10, I could just create a python virtualenv, activate, . pip install the test suite and then run wstest:

wstest -m fuzzingclient -s myfuzzingclient.json

Here is a nerfed copy of my myfuzzingclient.json file:

  "outdir": "./reports/servers",
  "servers": [
      "agent": "AutobahnPython",
      "url": "ws://<myserver>.<>:<myport>/echo"
  "cases": ["*"],
  "exclude-cases": [
  "exclude-agent-cases": {}

Haven’t figured out how to run the equivalent to wstest using the Dockerized Python 3 autobahn-testsuite.

My environment:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Docker Desktop for Windows
  • Confirmed Docker runs. Confirmed I can build and run the Docker hello-world example
  • Switched Docker Desktop to use Linux container (and wait until ready)

Following the instructions on I am able to use that Docker image as a local Web Sockets server and then run client to validate.

Have not figured out how to verify against a remote server’s implementation of web sockets.

The instructions on the autobahn-testsuite home page about 60% of the way down says this:

The following recipe still works, but the new, recommended way is using a Docker toolchain image we provide. Please checkout [this] - much easier and repeatable.

That “this” link points to no longer works. Appears all content from crossbario/crossbar-docker on GitHub was removed.

Any assistance you can lend would be appreciated.


The current documentation says that is doable but then points to an archived repo (i.e. crossbar-docker) on github, then shows a Python 2 example of how to use the test suite.

Does anyone still have a copy of the deleted documentation on how to use the Python 3 Docker image to do the equivalent of wstest -m fuzzingclient -s myfuzzingclient.json where myfuzzingclient.json points to a remote server?