Reconnection/Traffic Limits/Multiple Connections


I wrote a simple chat server in go using the gorilla websocket library. Now i tried to implement a client in python. The first version works okay. I can connect and everything works fine. But now there is a problem. After sometime because of a network issue I get disconnected once in a while. At first I tried to analyze what the issue is in the network but that just didnt work that great. So I am now here asking if someone has an idea how to implement a reconnection mechanism for autobahn-python (twisted) ?

Because I am quite new to network programming with python I also wanted to ask how much traffic autobahn/twisted can handle in a second or what a limitation might be?
Is the limit the single threaded nature of python?
Or is there a limit with the event loop of twisted?

And my last question. If there is a limit for the amount of traffic a single connection can handle can i just use multiple connections to resolve that issue or is bandwidth now a problem?

If my english isnt good/you can figure out what I mean please reply and I will try to explain it in more detail.

If there is something wrong with how I wrote this post please tell me so I can correct it.

Any help will be much appreciated. :slight_smile: