One discussion place to rule them all

Today, we provide some support on StackOverflow, people come to ask questions on Gitter and some ask on Google Groups and some on IRC, in odd cases people actually end up asking their questions on GitHub, where we politely turn them away ask questions on Google Groups.

We should keep GitHub for bugs and code… as it is today.

But we need to streamline our support and communication channels.

There are many questions that people get answers to on Gitter and IRC, the problem with that is there is no way for other people to search those answers, so we practically end up answering people a single question multiple times.

Then there is Google Groups, we have been using it for quite a few years, it seemed to have worked but misses lots of core features that are just “normal” today. You cannot edit a post, code snippet support sucks, you cannot tag a person, and there is no easy way to find the actual answer in a long thread.

Solutions for all the above issues and a whole lot of other features exists in Discourse, such as private threads i.e. if we ( want to discuss features in private and want a record of that (for later use), we are covered.

I hope this will trigger some meaningful discussion and produce great results. Your thoughts @meejah @oddjobz @goeddea @oberstet ?

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So yes!! what would be the best steps to consolidate/retire the channels now that we have the forum here. btw, the UX is so much better compared to G groups … beginning to like it=)