Move discussions to GitHub

GitHub now has discussions. It’s free for teams

It’s their take at forums, it comes at zero maintenance, has the familiar UI and most of all, it’s where developers are. We should consider moving all our discussions to GitHub.

The activity on this forum is relatively low, all WAMP implementer are already on GitHub and it can be very useful to tag people to get their feedback.

We can also convert GitHub issues to “discussions”, this means that we won’t need to direct people to ask questions on our forums here.

github discussions: interesting, didn’t know about that one! fwiw, I’m open to moving the forums yet again. the “it’s where developers are” sounds attractive …

plus: crossbar/autobahn/wamp projects are on github currently anyways (no new service provider).

however: can we keep the forum history when migrating?

the fact that github/microsoft is a centralized trust service provider is less than ideal - but yet another, bigger question. there are decentralized git based services upcoming, eg, but this is super new and migrating fully to decentralized services is a bigger thing

Sorry it took a while. I had started a conversation with upstream, it seems it’s not possible to move existing threads from our discourse instance to GitHub.

Even though backup of the existing discussions on this forum is possible, we’d still need a way to somehow restore it.

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It does look like that backups (to S3) are working fine