Library to make Django channel


I am writing turn based web game with with Autobahn. Each can can have up to 4 players and we can have independent games. The actions are sent the the server to the other players thanks to a websocket. A player should only receive data for the game their are in.

I currently have a lot of custom code to handle game subscription and message sending and it’s a bit of a mess. I’d like to know if there is a lib/framework that would help me to that with Autobhan? Something bit like Django Channels where you can subscribe to groups and receive only the messages from the group you are in but without Django (which I don’t need) and with Autobhan :wink: Currently the traffic is low, so I can store all the connections in the only instance of the API, but I hope I’ll need something to manage many instances of the API one day :wink: So ideally, the lib can do that too.

I saw there is crossbario in the Authobahn world but it looks to be more for IoT and it feels way too complicated for what I am trying to do.

Any suggestions?

You should use WAMP and crossbario for that. You can use subscriptions to handle the game-state update you’re asking for. (WAMP uses “topics” for publish/subscribe so every client will get any messages to topics it subscribes to … there are permissions etc as well).

Thanks for you answer. I’ll dig into that then.