It takes more than ten senconds to launch my Android project after include aar

I add Autobahn-java released aar to the libs folder and implementation it in the build.gradle file in my Android project. Then I rebuild my android project in Android studio and run it in android wearing device. It will take more than 10 senconds to display the main activity when launch the android project .
It will be normal after I remove the implementation from the build.gradle file.
Have you met this question?

We haven’t seen or heard about that issue. However its been more than year since we last tried to run autobahn on android wear.

Can you elaborate a bit more. Does the issue happen if you just add the project to build.gradle, without actually initializing a WAMP connection ?

Yes, it does. I just add the released aar in libs and implementation in build.gradle.

Hey, welcome! I’m curious: what are you working on? I mean, on an Android Wear device …

rgd the substance matter: in general, we want AutobahnJava to “fully support” Android Wear, so lets track down and fix your issue!

hi, I’m developing a chat app on an Android wear device with Qualcomm 8909w.
It need to establish Web socket and then receive notification message from server.

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