Is crossbar used on the frontend?

Coming back to crossbar after a few years and I was wondering if it is the right tool to interface with the frontend application.

I see that the last message on this js forum is 6 months old and the last answered question is almost 1 year old, so, is it so easy to use that nobody has questions or nobody use it anymore ?

I use autobahn-js on the front-end (realtime web UIs) to control audio-visual systems behind a Crossbar router.

For my purposes it functions very well, the docs are clear and the API is clean. I’d be inclined to interpret the lack of forum activity as a sign that it is fit for purpose.

we are using it very much in our platform. Check out for a realtime frontend.

Hi there and welcome back;)

couple of thoughts rgd project status … maybe this is interesting.

I guess the basic functionality of AutobahnJS, that is WAMP RPC and PubSub over WebSocket from a browser “just works” these days.

WAMP as a protocol had a major revision going from v1 to v2, but v2 is “complete” (more importantly, it has been proven in real world apps).

AutobahnJS as a client library has been co-developed next to AutobahnPython and implementing WAMP v2, and this trio kinda stabilized and works well together these days.

Work in AutobahnJS that still needs more hours IMO include these broad areas:

  1. improve the session lifecycle management and hooks
  3. XBR

the latter would be yet a completely different story … not here/now;)

well, plus fill in gaps in docs, CI test coverage and such. usual business for a library/project going into “mature” phase.

Hope that helps and gives you some reassurance,