Installing crossbar on windows 10 python 3.10

I tried using pip install crossbar but it fails with this error

ERROR: Packages installed from PyPI cannot depend on packages which are not also hosted on PyPI.
autobahn depends on web3[ipfs]@ git+

I’ve looked up various proposed solutions but none seem to work.

I’ve downloaded from github and ran and that fails with various problems - Needs Cython , cannot find numpy - patch-ng needed etc. and after installing these it fails with
TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str

Also I get failures relating to incompatible packages.

The question that raises is which version of setuptools is required

At this point I stop and setup docker for windows and get crossbar running in a docker image.

I can run some of the simple samples with json and klein and they seem to work against crossbar.

But I assume I will need to install crossbar at some time, ideally, with pip install.

So one question: is crossbar supposed to install on windows 10 via pip install or is it not supported.

Should I persist with trying to get pip install crossbar working?

Autobahn seems to install OK

Thanks for any info


Should I persist with trying to get pip install crossbar working?

in general, and on windows, it is much easier and recommended to just use Docker

this has everything built in, and can be run on windows (or linux or mac …)

OK. Thanks.

I’ll carry on with Docker