How to call management APIs locally?

I have a Crossbar instance running edge personality and I want to be able to access the APIs that the edge node exposes to the master node. In this case, instead of calling those APIs from the master node, I want to call them locally using a WAMP component connected to edge node.

I remember from a call @oberstet from a few months that you mentioned that was possible, can you share any pointers on how that can be achieved ?

Hi Omer,

the management API of nodes isn’t a public / supported API, that is, it is internal only. An implementation detail. The master node API is however public, and we want to support clients using that! So you should use the master node API … or fork the code (actually, it isn’t hard to add whatever listening transports to the local management router in managed nodes) …


That is true, infact starting new listening transports can be done today, without changing any code, only need to add expose_controller in the worker “options” and that passes a reference of ExtRouterController to the component.

However I don’t need that currently, I am only looking to call the proxy worker related APIs, especially the one to start new routes.

PS: I don’t really want to fork Crossbar