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I quickly wanted to ask if someone knows how I use the websocket folder in a java program because
when I download or import autobahn-java inside of Idea I cant find the folder. What I mean is this statement:
import io.crossbar.autobahn.websocket;
I tried it with different dependency version but that doesnt work :confused:

And a simple example of how I use autobahn-java in a java program (not android) would be absolutely amazing.

Many Thanks

Hi there,

we do have such an example (a full WAMP example, not a WebSocket-only one). here is a netty-based (non-android) WAMP client:

A pure WebSocket example on plain non-Android Java: we don’t have that … and there wouldn’t be a point, since Netty has all that already …

Hope that helps,

@AnthonyP, to make it even clear: Autobahn Java’s WebSocket implementation only works on Android. You will have to choose a different library like Netty (or anything else).

Oh, okay than I miss understood it at first.
I thought that there is non-Android websocket support.
Thanks to both of you for clarifying.