General posting policy

So, do we have any guidelines in terms of what to post / discuss, what categories do we want or indeed what categories are acceptable? i.e. when does Slack spill over onto the forum and visa versa?

I think it depends if we want to have separate category for each autobahn library or just go with the old way of categories where we basically had two categories crossbar and autobahnws.

Apart from discussions around our stack, we already have a category to discuss issues related to the forum itself, which includes any sort of configuration changes and glitches anyone may find.

Personally, I think we could consider moving away from Gitter all together, we use it to answer people’s questions, many a times things get lost there, once a question is answered to someone, there is no (easy) way to find replies.

Ok, well, the email notification / linking back into the thread works well … :grin:

Given we get notifications (?) for “all” postings, it might be nice to separate categories for many different things … like “news/announcements”, “new releases/release notes”, “politics”, “wamp protocol”, “abpj”, “abjs”, “performance”, “scaling” etc … some people will be more interested in some stuff than other, so for example I might be drawn to “news” immediately whereas a posting to a category containing the word “java” might not attract my attention for … a while … :wink:

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Could you tell which email address that came from ? was it ?

Ok, well the email source is showing the following notable headers;

Return-Path: <>
X-Spam-Score: -3.0
From: Omer Akram via Crossbar <>
X-Google-Original-From: Omer Akram via Crossbar <>
Reply-To: Omer Akram via Crossbar <>
Subject: [Crossbar] [Crossbar Research] Cython compiled EXE

So there’s no mention of “your” actual email, if that’s what you were checking? :slight_smile: