Franca IDL with WAMP server along with and autobahn-js at client side


I am working on franca IDL. I am making use of autobahn js (generated by the franca binding code generator in eclipse) on client side and c++ wamp server (for more info you can refer Franca with Common API server - continuation ). As of now I am running both client and the server on the same single PC. I want them to be run on two different PCs i.e client in one PC and server in another PC let the both the PCs connect to the same LAN. I have two queries here,

  1. Is it possible? To run the client and server in different PCs. Because in some forums I read its not possible to connect the wamp server though LAN.
  2. If it is possible, how to achieve this because I am newbee to this work. I never worked on this type of work before.

As I am using crossbario I think crossbar only responsible to achieve this. So I thought of posting here. Hope I will get the info here. Any suggestion will help me a lot.

Eagerly waiting for the reply. Thanks in advance.