detect automaticly crossbar router

do you know if there is in crossbar, a tool for a component to detect the router (URL + realm), instead of passing these informations “by hand” ?
a sort of multicast, sending a specific key and crossbar returns informations to the component in order to connect to the correct router and realm



not sure if below is useful … maybe at least partially. the XBR stuff is most far reaching, but non-trivial (blockchain based), anyways, here are my thoughts:

  1. WAMP-cryptosign and WAMP-TLS(client-certs) allow for authentication to a router-side configured realm, authid and authrole automatically only based on the client pubkey used.
  2. Local DNS allows a client to resolve an URL like wss://crossbar.local:443/ws
  3. Rgd directing a client based on the services it provides (eg via WAMP APIs) is something we are working on in XBR, which builds on WAMP: this introduces concepts like APIs and Catalogs, and Data Exchanges / Markets, and User Consent (