site down

The site cannot be reached. Does anyone know why?

The company GmbH is shutdown, hence the relevant infrastructure is gone as well.

Thanks for the info.

Is the project still continuing or has it been discontinued as well?


I think that the project might need a boost from the community to stay active. Right now, it doesn’t even have a recent documentation online. Is there any call for help or initiative going on?

I just found a thread from 2012 ending in Feb 2022 that discusses moving crossbar to a community organisation. A DAO based in Zurich.

Has this actually happened since I haven’t found any firm indication that it has finalized.

Sorry should be 2021 to Feb 2022

Just found a thread from July 2023 that shows that has closed. Now relying on community to maintain the project.

This is just for info purposes in case someone lands on this thread and wonders what is happening

One of the initial changes that I saw was the use of GitHub discussions instead of this forum (crossbario/crossbar · Discussions · GitHub), I think that makes sense as it keeps the discussions close to where the code happens.