22.4.1 and Autobahn(Python) 22.4.2

Hi all,

please find new versions of Autobahn etc here, with both a whole bunch of fixes and some new features:

All versions are tagged on GitHub as well!


PS: Docker image baking is still needed …

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Docker images (amd64) for

cpy-slim-amd64-22.4.1: digest: sha256:ae3305258fc8e193e40f91b8583400adaf280bc1befebc1ff2211cbb7da370c5
pypy-slim-amd64-22.4.1: digest: sha256:003fd24f36513f802890b575ef6a0c3b9f5fad036f89d4e0aa12bf88322aaf4d

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Awesome release. Will give this release a thorough testing.

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