Crossbar FX

What is the official crossbarfx image that I can use?
I have tried crossbario/crossbarfx:pypy-slim-amd64 and was able to start master and edge using master start and edge start commands. But this seems to be a bit old one which is updated 13 months ago.

I found this commit (open-source code for crossbarfx (~26k LOC) · crossbario/crossbar@9fa0978 · GitHub) which pushed the fx code to crossbar repo. But if I use the same command like master start it is unable to recognize the command.

What is the latest version of crossbarfx that I can use and where is the latest documentation for this?

if I pull the latest version (22.4.1) from pypi, I am able to start master.
I think some issue with docker version, somehow it is unable to pull the latest version, it is giving me 13months old version - tried deleting the image locally and running docker pull crossbario/crossbar

as you noted, the FX code base has been merged into the OSS code base.

to avoid further confusion, I have now also deleted the FX docker hub image repos, as you can get the OSS images for “crossbar” here

docker run --tty --rm crossbario/crossbar:cpy-slim-amd64-22.5.1.dev1@sha256:8ca97344e9b32f95b7dfc1b426f04a8a0e8061cb61f64c2a633b490e4cef4130 version
docker run --tty --rm crossbario/crossbar:pypy-slim-amd64-22.5.1.dev1@sha256:c8d83586d54824421c05f6e355ecfb142f27b75c0aa9c56b856a3722e7d08390 version

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