Constant Delay and Event System

Hello again,

I got the reconnection mechanism to work. Thanks again for the previous help. :slight_smile:

After reading through the documentation of the ReconnectingClientFactory I noticed that there is a increasing delay between the connections. Even though it works with the increasing delay I wanted to ask if someone knew how I could make the delay constant?

After getting the reconnecting mechanism to work I thought of doing something more advanced but after reading through the documentation of Twisted I am not really sure if its even possible. I wanted to use the reactor (which is just an event loop if I understand correctly) to dispatch and handle not only networking events but also my own events. Basically I was trying to use the reactor like an event system because as far as I understand Twisted can’t work with other python event systems.
Did I understand that correctly or not?
And is it even possible to use the reactor as a event system or can I use another event system without interfering with the reactor?

Even thought this isn’t directly a question about the autobahn library itself I hope that someone still can help me. If u can’t understand what I mean please tell me so I can explain more detailed what I mean.

Thanks Ryan