Connecting to through proxy

Hi there, I am using “Component” as given in several demos, to connect with a WampClient to a server. Also using Twisted. Currently I have outgoing traffic out through a proxy by default. Is there anything I need to do in order to get it to connect? I was getting a connection timeout. I have searched for any proxy settings with Component and haven’t had any luck. I don’t have the error handy, will edit later.

The error is:

Connection failed: TimeoutError: User timeout caused connection failure.

I can hit the html site with curl from the server.

Also please note that I can only say so much legally, but if this beta test is possible then it will be very important to a large company.


the WAMP Component API supports proxies since v18.12.1:

to use it, just add a

"proxy": {"host": PROXY_HOST, "port": PROXY_PORT}

to your transport config in the Component.

like in this unit test: