Close this forum in favor GitHub discussions?

I see many Crossbar and a few autobahn projects have started using GitHub discussions. Discourse occasionally sends me an email reminding that our crossbar discourse is not so active and we need to keep it active to stay eligible for their free program


I’m writing to you about your free Discourse site on It has seen no activity for
a while and as mentioned in our FAQs here, having an active community is required to continue participating in the program.

If you have concrete plans to kick start the forum anytime soon, let us know. If you want to shut down
your community, you can cancel service from your admin dashboard.

Does it make sense to move everything to GitHub discussions? OR do we want to keep this forum as well? cc @oberstet

It would be good to keep the discourse channel. But if no one is using it, it will get shutdown anyway.

Is anyone going to respond to this post?