Can i connect with Android to secure wss Server?

A want to create an android app that connects to a Crossbar Server over the Internet. So it has to be secure. I want to use PUB/SUB and rRPC.

Is that possible over wss or something?

Yes, you can use TLS + WebSockets together with WAMP and Crossbar

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tested a connection from my Android App to a OpenSense Firewall with a HAProxy with SSL Offloading and a Lets encrypt Certificate. This works fine with the autobahn-js in the browser but not from the Android App.

Do you have any idea why there is a difference?
The error Message is something like “Service unavailable”.

I have also configured a crossbar server directly with TLS and Certificates from Lets encrypt.
But there is the Problem that I have to restart the crossbar server completely after new certificates are there. So every 3 Month.

So what is the best way to connect my Android App secure to the crossbar Server with lets encrypt certificates?