Call timeouts, ready to use?

Hi all,

Regarding call timeouts. They are not marked as stable in the WAMP spec, but CallOptions in Autobahn seems to have a timeout parameter. It’s documented as being of type float (s), but the WAMP spec currently says it should be of type integer (ms).

My questions are:

  • Will Crossbar handle call timeouts if specified in CallOptions in the call from Autobahn?

  • Should the spec be updated to reflect what Autobahn is doing, or vice versa?

  • How far is this feature from becoming stable in the spec? Do you think it’s ready for use right now?

And also: If I don’t specify a timeout, will the call never time out? Or is this dependent on the underlying transport?

Thankful for any clarifications.


(For full disclosure: My use case is that I have an RPC call that activates the door lock on a machine (over Modbus/TCP), but the door/lock is designed such that it will not actually lock before a person pushes the door shut. It would be convenient if my RPC call would not return a result until this happens (the door is really locked), but I obviously must be able to set a timeout in this case. The person in question could have gone for a cup of coffee :slight_smile: I could implement this timeout myself, since my call will be waiting/polling the lock to see if the door was pushed shut. But if the timeout when not using WAMP timeouts is dependent on the transport… not so good, could then be shorter than what I had in mind.)


I know this is a very old thread, but has anything on this topic changed? We are fully invested in WAMP/Crossbar/Autobahn as our communication mechanism and our project would absolutely benefit from having WAMP-level RPC timeouts. We have had to implement our own timeout/exception throwing mechanism in the meantime, which we know is sub-optimal.

Dave B.