Bounty Program For Crossbar?

We should have a bounty program for Crossbar. People report bugs, someone interested in fixing those bugs/features in Crossbar would then propose the amount they would take to work on that bug/feature.

This could make things easy for everyone. The payment may as well be made to the DAO or whatever but in general it makes things very straightforward for the interested parties.

@oberstet @meejah What do you think about this, I believe this gives the opportunity to make Crossbar better and people make money as well.

We can extend this to autobahn as well.

I even think the code reviewers should be able to benefit as well.

And when $ is involved, I believe more people might end up looking deeper into the Crossbar code base, which is really good for a healthy open-source project


from my side, yeah, sounds good! rgd the DAO, yes, once it is there should be used …

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