[autobahn-python] Reconnecting to Crossbar on failure ?


I have a simple WAMP component that runs on my desktop, its supposed to remotely manage my desktop. The idea is for the component to run in the background and connect a crossbar instance that I have running my VPS.

It works but the problem is it bails out whenever internet is not available on my computer (suspend/resume, etc) or due to any other network issue. Is there a way for my python component to automatically re-connect to Crossbar or is that something I will have to handle with custom code ? Something like a worker that is scheduled to run in the background to ensure the connection to Crossbar is alive ?

Here is the code, in case any one wants to peek at it: https://github.com/om26er/linux-desktop-manager/blob/master/wamp/display_component.py#L17