Autobahn|Python: automatic Docker image builds

Hi all,

we have had Docker image build scripts in the source repository for quite some time, however:

  • the scripts to build and publish needed to be run manually
  • those scripts predated the Docker multi-arch recommended approach (using 1 Dockerhub repo, image tags and image manifests)

Both issues are now fixed, and Docker images for x86 (64 bit) and ARMv8 (64 bit), and both CPython and PyPy based, are built and published automatically on every merge to master branch, eg here is a commit (left) and the resulting images (right):

The image tags allow to select the Docker image for a specific commit, a version (latest commit for that version) or the latest (over all versions).

I think this is a pretty good step forward … I like the “full automatic” part in particular;)

Hope you like it too … feedback welcome!


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