Autobahn-JS doesn't receive subscription for publish on same page (sample)

I have a server setup and I am trying the example code in a browser (chrome 81.x) on

    // 1) subscribe to a topic
   function onevent(args) {
      console.log("Event:", args[0]);
   session.subscribe('com.myapp.hello', onevent);

   // 2) publish an event
   session.publish('com.myapp.hello', ['Hello, world!']);

I don’t see the subscribe message. I have since developed my own application and I see the same thing. A web page that publishes the event doesn’t have it’s subscribe called. In other words, if I have the same page open in 2 windows and have page A publish a message, page B gets the subscribe event, but page A does not.

Not sure if this is an issue with autobahn-js or with

I previously had a WAMP v1 implementation (with a custom router) that supported this. It’s kind of critical for me to make sure a page sees its own publish messages. There is a lot of work for me to convert my code if this isn’t possible.

Hello! I usually work with the Python libraries, but by default the session publishing a thing doesn’t get its “own” publish back. However, you can include options setting exclude_me: false as a third argument to the publish to change that.

it’s in the documentation.
But it’s the fourth parameter for JS:

Publishing an event to a
topic is done by calling the publish method
on the session object.

Thanks for your help!

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