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I am new to Autobahn, i have a websocket server (perl, Protocol::WebSocket), I have problems with it (stability, mixing clients with fileno), and i found this project (, and i decided to give it a try.

I just run the docker (in fuzzlingclient mode) and i gave a result with all FAIL in it.

Does Autobahn require any special server functionality? I mean is there any expectation for example to send an echo? I didnt find any realted info in the docs.


For WebSocket use Autobahn doesn’t require anything special from the server, no. (I mention “websockets” because Autobahn also implements the “WAMP” protocol which does RPC and PubSub).

I am not familiar with the test-suite currently though so I’m not able to provide advise on that front.


Testing a websocket server is easy: the server test endpoint must echo back any websocket message received

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