Autobahn for python 2.5

Hi, I apologize in advance for my the request.

I would like to give new life to an old phone with os symbian on which I installed, lot time ago, python 2.5.4 (Python for S60).

My intent is to use my old nokia phone, with wifi or cellular data internet capabilities, like a device to send and receive data, by using python 2.5.4 and Autobahn for python 2.5, to/from a server that is a remote python environment capable to do math and a lot of things. The server is SageMathCell (SageMathCell).

The developers of this server allow to use the server also via programming mode, that is through a script that, executed on python, sends a python string to server and receives the output of the execution as a json file. This script is ‘’ (sagecell-client).

This script requires the lib ‘websocket-client’ (websocket-client) but a version of this lib available for python 2.5 doesn’t exist.

I ask if there are some versions of Autobahn that works for very old python 2.5 and if could be possibile to adapt the script ‘’ to use Autobahn instead of ‘websocket-client’.

A possible existing Autobahn version for python 2.5 what kind of dependencies would require if I wanted to use it to execute the script ‘’, possibly adapted to use it with Autobahn instead of ‘websocket-client’?

Thank you so much for any reply.
Best regards