Authextra is not available from metaapi

Is there a way to get extra information from registered components?

1. the component with wampcra auth.

component = Component(
“wampcra”: {
“authid”: “user1”,
“secret”: “userpass”,
“authextra”: {“service_name”: “supermarket”}

2. authenticator

“WAMP-CRA auth invoked realm=‘realm1’, authid=‘user1’, {‘transport’: {…},
‘http_headers_sent’: {}, ‘websocket_extensions_in_use’: [], ‘cbtid’: None,
‘channel_id’: ‘0000000’},
‘session’: 81460079439330,
‘authmethod’: ‘wampcra’,
‘authextra’: {‘service_name’: ‘supermarket’}}”}

3. metaapi - wamp.session.on_join

WAMP session has joined: {
u’authprovider’: u’dynamic’, u’authid’: u’user1’, u’authrole’: u’terminator’, u’authmethod’: u’wampcra’, u’session’: 81460079439330,
u’authextra’: {u’x_cb_peer’: u’tcp4:’, u’x_cb_worker’: u’worker001’, u’x_cb_node’: u’crossbar-1’, u’x_cb_pid’: 13}, u’transport’: {…}}