[Announce] Autobahn Java 17.10.5

I just released and published Autobahn Java 17.10.5. This releases focuses on documentation and easy of use. We refreshed most of the existing examples, both in our sample clients as well the readme. We discovered that our WAMP APIs were mostly dealing with “complex” scenarios and in many cases people wanted to do simple stuff, so to fix that we did a lot of API overloading.

With this release we have made POJOs a first-class citizen in our WAMP APIs, so now you may send your “sandwich” object as-is over the wire :wink:

As always a complete change log is available here: https://github.com/crossbario/autobahn-java/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Going forward, the frequency of these releases will slow down a bit (that was the third release this month), as we work on some very cool sample projects, especially in Android.

Stay tuned.