[ANN] autobahn-python-runners 17.7.11

Hi all, I originally posted this in the Crossbar group but I suspect this group is a more appropriate place for it.

I’m happy to announce the first Autobahn-related open-source release from OpenDNA, courtesy of yours truly :slight_smile:

The utilities included in this package have been open-sourced from an internal tool we’ve been using in our Crossbar application to simplify the task
of running Autobahn-Python components in both development and production.

The stand-out feature provided by this package at the moment is the AsyncIO Multi-Runner tool which allows you to host multiple AsyncIO-based
Autobahn components within a single Python process. This tool allows you to run a single Python 3 AsyncIO guest process rather than one for
each component.

You can find more details and documentation at https://github.com/opn-oss/autobahn-python-runners